Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Sudanese Rapper Montiyago Releases Debut Single 'Kalam Kteer'

Montiyago comes out of his cave to present his talent to the public in his first release.

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Sudanese Rapper Montiyago Releases Debut Single 'Kalam Kteer'

Sudan’s fountain of talent just keeps running, with more highly-skilled and well-polished artists flowing onto the scene by the day. Rising Sudanese rapper Montiyago is the latest to pop-up on the radar with his debut single ‘Kalam Kteer’. While the rapper is relatively fresh onto the scene, he’s been honing his craft for some years now, establishing a sonic identity and a unique flow for a new sound sensation for the listeners.

Produced by SVNBIRDS co-founder and record producer 77, ‘Kalam Kteer’ boasts a tropical essence with the use of a guitar over the trap layout, but he gets creative with the additive percussions and 808s to give it that “77 touch”. Montiyago rides the beat, laying out his eloquent rhyme schemes with purposeful bars to accompany them.