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Sudanese Rapper RoTation Launches His Own Podcast ‘The Jamdean Show’

He raps, he sings, he writes, and now he’s hosting his own podcast show.

One of Sudan’s biggest artists, RoTation, is a fan-favorite among the local Sudanese community. His saucey delivery and soulful direction makes him especially adored amongst his peers, too. For some time, RoTation stopped releasing music, though he recently made a comeback with ‘III IV V’, much to his fans’ pleasure.

Just a couple of weeks ago, RoTation upped the momentum by launching his own podcast, ‘The Jamdean Show’, named after what has become what you might call his catchphrase. The show sees a light conversation between RoTation and his guests from the Sudanese music scene.

Jamdean, aka RoTation, shows his hosting talent with a light spirit and a humorous outlook to the general vibe of the show. The host warms things up with the artists by joking around and opening light-hearted topics so the ice would be broken as the conversation goes by. Topics discussed range from the Sudanese rap scene, catching up with artists, discussing future projects, and, if we’re lucky, a freestyle by RoTation and his guest.

Check out his latest episode with MZ, or ‘Bahry Baby’ below!