Monday September 25th, 2023
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Synthwave Meets Goth Rock: Turkish Darkwave Duo Ductape's New LP 'Ruh'

Furkan Güleray and Çagla Güleray's eight-track album is a pulsating ride that swings from dreamy to sinister.

Scene Noise

Formed in 2019 and developed on “the contradictions, inner chaos and anger faced when confronting oneself,” Turkish duo, Ductape, offer a unique sound out of an Istanbul music scene that often throws up an unexpected surprise.

In the case of guitarist and composer, Furkan Güleray, and vocals and synth-player Çagla Güleray, that unique sound is formed on very explicit inspirations. Darkwave, synthwave, goth rock and post-punk sound are the words that best and most often describe Ductape’s music and in their new album, Ruh, all of that and then some are thrown into the mix for a pulsating eight-track ride.

As per its inspirations, the album holds a strong nostalgic undertone, which sets the tone in the instrumental opener, ‘Sinners’. It plots itself across various points in the 70s and 80s, and some of the tracks would have easily been chart-friendly at the time such as the dreamy ‘Hatiria’ or energetic closer ‘Sorular’.

Other highlights include the melancholic 'Never', the mentalist 'Fire' and sinister electro-ballad ‘Sevmiyor’, though as a whole, this is an exceptional, engaging LP that doesn’t mince its sounds, presenting Ductape exactly as their previous EPs and singles have promised.