Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Syrian Artist Eden Zane Battles Between Light & Dark in ‘Shamsak’

With his debut single ‘Shamsak’, NYC-based Eden Zane navigates the complexity of loss, healing, and identity in a stunning video.

Nadine El Roubi

How does one make the intangible tangible, in a way that people can interpret and understand? Translating one’s emotions into one medium of art is challenging enough. With his debut single ‘Shamsak’ and accompanying music video however, Syrian artist Eden Zane has managed to do so in two.‘Shamsak’, translating literally into ‘your sun’ and loosely into ‘your light’, appears to recount the intimate story of a love lost, a light seen in someone that was not seen in return. Eden’s writing is a rose, every lyric a petal: “My house is all dark/My day is night I don't sleep/My name was stolen from him/My letters are sounds that have meaning.” 

In the video, directed by Karim Kassem, Eden whirls through an empty house and garden alongside dancers who perhaps represent different emotions and elements of Eden’s story. In stunning choreography amidst a beautifully desolate backdrop, Eden seems to bloom through the stages of loss and healing.