Wednesday 1 of February, 2023
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Syrian-Saudi Artist Tamtam Releases Her First Arabic Single 'Insak'

The Syrian-Saudi talent is back after a long hiatus with her first Arabic single ‘Insak’.

Badreya Electroneya

LA-Based Saudi singer/songwriter Tamtam, known for her eclectic sonic-blending indie-pop and R&B, though pinning her sound down to a single genre would be stripping it away from its experimental essence.

The singer has released several singles in the past, the likes of ‘Gender Game’ for instance, a track signifying her journey in pursuing a music career as a Saudi woman. ‘Ismak’ which is the literal manifestation of her identity being utilized as a bridge showcasing the interconnectedness of her middle eastern roots with the west.

After a long hiatus, Tamtam is making a strong comeback with her first Arabic single ‘Insak’ a follow up to her previous release Ismak. In this release the singer asserts her departure from what is presumed to be a toxic scenario. ‘I’m not Sad for me, I’m Sad for you. You had a place in my heart, and now it’s far away’ she sings in tones of tranquility.

Tamtam released a music video directed by the legendary chndy who brought the artists vision to fruition. Each shot of the video carries sentimental value to the artist, having been set in her hometown of Riyadh.