Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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TABAC ROULE: The Platform Pushing Tunisian Talent to the World

Launched in November, 2020, TABAC ROULE has already caused some noise on the region’s independent music scene with its unique performance videos - but this is just the beginning.

Yara Abus-Suud

One of the overriding narratives that defines the independent music scene in the Middle East is this idea of providing space for the kinds of artists that often go under the radar. In fact, it’s something that SceneNoise has prided itself on since launching all those years ago, something we’ve always celebrated and spotlighted wherever a space may arise - like TABAC ROULE.

The Tunis-based musical interpretation platform showcases emerging artists in Tunisia and beyond, providing an outlet to reach the world. Inspired by COLORS Studio, TABAC ROULE takes on a similar approach in using a minimalistic ‘stage’, with the aim of focusing the spotlight purely on artists and their music, without the distraction of an extravagant production and elaborate visuals.Founded by three design students, Ahmed Ghimeji, Yecyne Mejri ‘Illbucks’ and Bayrem Cherif, TABAC ROULE was launched in November 2020, two months after Ghimeji came up with the idea. The three formed their friendship through mutual cultural interests in music, design and art and their ambitions have seen them feature artists from the UK, Libya, Morocco and Gabon. In fact, their ambitions reach beyond the current format.“We are working on multiple types of concepts that will soon be launched on our platform,” the TABAC ROULE team told SceneNouse. “We want to do podcasts, shows, series... so much more."

Initially TABAC ROULE reached out to artists via social media and friends, but now it's open to all artists looking to take part. However, every and any artist is invited to send their tracks for consideration.