Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Teen Idle’s Burning: An Ode To The Brokenhearted

Teen Idle is a growing artist making music straight out her basement with the most recent single being ode to love, ‘Burning’.

Ahmed Khalaf

Third-cultured artist Sara Barry, AKA Teen Idle, is all about self-expression and keeping her lyrical direction raw. In a previous interview with Scene Noise, Teen Idle stated that her music always comes from personal experiences. “Even if the song isn’t directly about me, it’s about a person who influenced me or something I observed in my life that affected me, even if it’s a YouTube video about the life of some actress from 50 years ago.” Teen Idle is not just a singer and songwriter, she’s also a talented multi-instrumentalist who enjoys playing electric guitar, bass, keys, synthesizers, shakers, and maracas.

In this indie-rock single, ‘Burning’, Teen Idle offers her signature silver-toned vocals, sounding almost cinematic in her delivery. The young singer dedicates this song to the Valentine-less people, the hopeless romantics who might struggle with having their feelings and emotions reciprocated. Sonically, Teen Idle takes a soft-rock direction, having a simple reverberated guitar riff act as the main melodic line, offering mini-solos in between verses, meshing into an emotional eeriness. Drummer Danny Murray was percussion, with Simon Ogilvie in charge of the live drum engineering. Andy Schichter mixed the track, while engineer Kramer mastered it.