Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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The C!rcle Take on a Funk Sound In ‘Down 2Nite’ Featuring Nadine & YK

The track marks the second release from the Sudanese group’s upcoming album ‘249 Experience Vol2’ which is set to feature an array of Sudanese stars.

Scene Noise

Sudanese supergroup, The C!rcle, have been busy bees in recent times, dropping a steady stream of singles, music videos and memorable collaborations. The crew announced that a second volume of V/A album, 249 Experience, will be released later in October, after its huge success two years ago, thanks to a powerful arsenal of Sudanese talent, including Grammy-nominated rapper, Bas, and the likes of Rotation, Nadine, Continental Breakfast and more.

After Hoosh’s ‘22 Solace’ was released as the first single from the album, the second has come in the form of ‘Down 2Nite’, which sees AKA Keyz, Aidy Proof and G-Salih welcome Nadine and YK into the fold. While ‘22 Solace’ took on a melancholic, introspective tone, ‘Down 2Nite’ marks a drastic shift, one that takes on a more fun-loving, jovial funk sound, with a slappy bass carrying the body of this song. All five artists take their turns in touching on enjoying your time, letting loose and having fun. It’s a case of different flows with five different feels, and isn’t that what you want from a collaboration?