Tuesday September 26th, 2023
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The Rattlesnakes are debuting a second single 'Flirting with Death'

Alexandrian-based hard rock band The Rattlesnakes, are back with another telling an angsty tale with 'Flirting with death’.

Salma Reda

The Rattlesnakes, an Alexandrian-based hard rock band, are debuting their second single, 'Flirting with death,' a bittersweet energetic melody, telling an angsty tale of outlaw living.

Five die-hard rock fans (no pun intended), Abdallah, Seif, Bahaa, Hosney, and Kareem, linked to create Rattlesnakes in 2021 to bring us authentic hard rock tunes with a Deep Purple-esque vibe as well as covers of many of our favourite rock tunes. The Rattlesnakes are heavily inspired by bands we all know and love, such as Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

Bahaa Ahmadein, the band's rhythm guitarist, describes the track as "more or less an outlaw story. The inspiration behind the lyrics was Omar Little from The Wire... You can also view the song as a go-getter anthem, without all of the implied violence, of course," he said wittily.

The track starts off with enticing high hats and roomy bass guitar. The lyrics take you through a story of a man who is 'Flirting with death' and living a tempting fate lifestyle. Making it imaginative and full of imagery, which is definitely intriguing and keeps us wanting more.