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The Synaptik & Felukah to Perform Together at UK’s Shubbak Festival

Offering a window into the diversity of contemporary Arab culture and showcasing #ArabExcellence to new audiences, Shubbak will welcome two of the most popular rappers to come out of the region.

Six months after signing for Warner Music Group and with a new album hot in the works, Palestinian-Jordanian rapper, The Synaptik, will be taking the stage alongside the lyrically-playful, subway barrier-hopping, New York-based neo-soul rapper, Felukah, as part of London arts festival, Shubbak, on July 3rd.

Middle Eastern hip-hop enthusiasts have been enjoying the med-school graduate’s rap skills for years and, now after becoming the second MENA-based rapper to be signed by Warner, The Synaptik is embracing the opportunity to showcase his talent with the wider world in the flesh.

Shubbak Festival celebrates the best of contemporary Arab arts and culture, so it is fitting that The Synaptik shares the stage with Egyptian artist Felukah, whose seamless hops in her contagious bops between Arabic and English give a refreshing play to her soft form of lyrical storytelling.

Taking the stage of iconic music venue, The Jazz Café, in Camden, London, new audiences will get a peek into the hotbed that is Middle Eastern rap and with the concert being livestreamed around the world, we can all get our own peak at them lighting up a new scene.