Wednesday March 29th, 2023
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Tunisia’s Are You Alien Recordings Release 2nd Volume of ‘Spicy Space'

That’s right, acid-based label Are You Alien is back with another electronic fiesta, diversifying their catalog from deep house, breakbeat, and tech-house, to choppy UK Garage and jungleOne of the mos

Ahmed Khalaf

One of the most progressive electronic record labels in Tunisia, Are You Alien, is back with another feast in the form of ‘Spicy Space Vol. 2’ VA album, assembling their talented Tunisian residents over five eclectic tracks. The label is heavily regarded in the MENA region, mainly from their unique productions and acid-heavy direction. This album comes as a follow-up to their ‘Spicy Space Vol.1’ which was released on 18th of May, back in 2020 which included all the artists featured in the second volume, except remarkable Tunisian producer Ahmet Mecnun.

Pan-J kicks off the album with ‘Eternity Is Past’, the perfect intro for the project as it sets up the foundation of how the project is going to sound as you go by. Making the use of acid synthlines and basslines in a call-and-response manner, along with a high-pitched lead, that acts as its own melodic element, while the acids play similar roles. The breaks-arrangement of the percussion allows the various other elements to shine through the mix without anything clashing over one another.

Are You Alien head huncho Hearthug makes leeway for the second track in his ‘Children Of The Night’ production, using his signature sonic style that is instantly recognizable to his frequent listeners. The track commences with his typical choppy-breaks layout which pumps up the groove energy from its precursor. Mid-way following the initial drop, Hearthug utilizes a choir-like chop that gives an ethereal addition along with his heavily-panned acid-line, then as soon as the choir goes silent, the acid-synth comes to a sweet culmination with a solo that is assured to drop jaws on the dance floor.

Co-founder Briki takes on the four-on-the-floor pattern to his use to form an acidic deep house-inspired production in ‘Focid’. The track begins with a basic house drum pattern along with the airy pads and heavily-arpeggiated FX that swirls along with the standard acid-bass in use. Briki’s production style allows for a high-energy flow integrated along with the mellow elements in use. creating an eclectic cascade of electronic tones.

This edition of ‘Spicy Space Vol.2’ sees talented producer Ahmet Mecnun hop on board with the Are You Alien crew, offering what might be considered as the peak track of the album in ‘Jumperfari’, and as the name suggests, it is a bounce-fest. Mecnun has the busiest track, in terms of elements, commencing with what is thought to be a breaks pattern, only to transform to a high-energy house arrangement, an instant head bopper. The use of a deep reese bass allows Mecnun to insert other elements freely without any clashes occurring. Following the warm-breakdown, the track gains back its energy before transforming into a jungle-production, an unorthodox approach which makes this track a guaranteed crowd-screamer in the clubs.

Dawan closes off the VA album with all sincerity in ‘Serious Affair’. The breaks-direction is meshed with ambient-elements, initiating things with the distorted bassline and the bleep-y synthline along the wobbly pads. Dawan brings things to a sweet culmination to this project, gradually taking off elements till the tracks go silent.

Again and again, Are You Alien proves why they are one of the best in the region and definitely ones to look out for. Individually, each of these producers have a large tank of productions under their belt, soo bringing them all together under one project is assured to have you on your feet and included in your playlists.