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Turkish Darkwave Duo Ductape Release New Track from Upcoming 'Araf' EP

The Istanbul-based act is set to release the five-track ‘Araf’ on November 7th on independent label, SwissDarkNights.

Formed in 2019, Istanbul-based duo, Ductape, have - in a relatively short span of time - cemented their sound and aesthetic, something that takes many acts years to hone. Feeding off what they call “the contradictions, inner chaos and anger faced when confronting oneself,” their audial aesthetic plays with darkwave and post-punk, which they paint in a coat of gothic melancholy.

On November 7th, the duo are set to release a new EP, Araf, on independent label, SwissDarkNights, and they’ve offered a taste of what’s to come with the track and video release of ‘Sevmiyor’.

A steady, sinister bass is paired with an equally sinister guitar progression, which sit as the bedding for soaring 80s-inspired synths. It provides space for the duo to delve into what they call “the depths of despair and darkness,” in a track that touches on “lost hopes dancing with disappointments and those left behind.”

It’s an atmospheric, ascending piece one that harks back to music of a bygone era without losing the Ductape edge. Beyond the November 7th EP release, the duo are also working on a full LP, set for release in early 2022.