Thursday June 13th, 2024
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UAE-Based Rapper Tac Is Ruthless in Latest Freestyle

Coming in hot and heavy with fire bars and flawless delivery, Tac shows the scene he’s not here to play.

Nadine El Roubi

UAE-Based Rapper Tac Is Ruthless in Latest Freestyle

Egyptian UAE-based rapper Tac has often kept fans on their toes through establishing a range of diverse genres – be it soul, boombap rap, pop, or RnB. In the ruthless world of hip hop, it’s often the case that artists who blend and bend genres in this way aren’t deemed to be “rappers” as such. Well, Tac has taken a big step in proving any doubters of his spitting ability wrong in a single freestyle he calls “Undisputed”, released on Instagram.

Beginning forcefully, leaving no room for argument, Tac starts with “Still undisputed and no one can do nothing ‘bout it/Go rack your medula and find who can do what I do with this level of passion.” Tac’s delivery is sharp while remaining smooth – the artist’s flow is a dagger that stabs every pocket of the beat with alarming precision.

Tac’s freestyle, though not a full song, is an indicator of everything independent artists need to learn. Content can be even with no budget – all one needs is passion and a will to make it work. The video was shot on an iPhone and edited with the rapper mirroring himself in bold colours. Low production, high impact. Though the track is not out on streaming platforms, it’s sure to be played on repeat due to the intricacies of the bars and delivery. Rappers, take note. This is how it’s done.