Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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US-Based Anees Delves into His Emotions in ‘Love Is Crazy’

The Palestinian-Lebanese artist’s unique flow and disposition is making him stand out amongst a crowded field.

Ahmed Khalaf

After teasing with acoustic performances for a couple of weeks, D.C.-based Palestinian-Lebanese rapper Anees has released his new track ‘Love Is Crazy’. Not shying away from singing as well as rapping, the artist creates a catchy rhythm whose casual hook asks for a singalong.

The smooth neo-soul/R&B track witters about the ever-inexplicable subject of the madness of love. Kevin Spears’ production creates a very minimal beat which relies on a warm guitar riff for the entirety of the track, with mellow percussion to carry the groove of a work that accompanies a soft bassline.

A peculiar flow makes Anees’ style stand out as a talent in an increasingly crowded field, emerging as one of the more unique rappers in the Arab diaspora.