Sunday June 23rd, 2024
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WORD: Dina El Wedidi - Ya Ghazal

The Egyptian singer-songwriter talks about her latest track, in which she borrows lyrics from a folkloric staple from Port Said.

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WORD: Dina El Wedidi - Ya Ghazal

In this episode of WORD, Egyptian singer-songwriter and musician Dina El Wedidi tells us about the lyrics behind her latest track ‘Ya Ghazal’ released in collaboration with production duo Twyxx.

The artist explains that she had borrowed the song’s lyrics from that of the folkloric song 'Wel Nabby Ya Ghazal', a nod to the culture and history of Port Said. In the track, ElWedidi reworks the melody and energy of the original song to suit the uplifting energy of ‘Ya Ghazal’.

Egyptian production duo Twyxx also tell us about their experience while working on the track, and how they recontextualized the folkloric tune, which is traditionally played on the Simsimiyya.

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