Saturday May 25th, 2024
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WORD: Salwa - Ghost You

With her dry wit and poignant commentary, Salwa talks us through the lyrics on her track ‘Ghost You’.

Zaid Kreshan

WORD: Salwa - Ghost You

This episode of WORD brings you Scottish-Lebanese singer Salwa’s sharp commentary on her track ‘Ghost You’, where she discusses the important topic of women receiving unwanted attention from men, and how she deals with it personally.

Through her upbeat production style, Salwa gives a nostalgic nod to British pop acts of days gone by, and when paired with her contemporary writing style, Salwa offers a unique point of view with her synth-centric sound.

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WORD is SceneNoise’s series unpacking the lyrics of our favorite artists from across the MENA region. In each episode, we ask them to shed light on the meaning behind their most iconic verses, taking us behind the scenes of their writing process and between the lines of their penmanship.