Wednesday June 19th, 2024
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WORD: Yal Solan - Toss & Turn

The Lebanese poet, singer, and artist talks about embracing sensitivity on her latest release.

Zaid Kreshan

WORD: Yal Solan - Toss & Turn

In this episode, Lebanese singer and poet Yal Solan takes us through her track ‘Toss & Turn’, and how it led her to reflect on the evolution she has undergone as an artist.

In working on ‘Toss & Turn’, Solan had a moment of reflection, looking back at her old works and the philosophy behind her music. Solan came to the conclusion that she did not have to use the full power of her voice to express herself, and that sincere and gentle performances carry a rich nuance and emotional complexity, which Solan embraced in her latest track.

She also touches on her writing process, which she prefers to think of as more of a daily habit, as she quite often takes to her notebook to collect her thoughts and rhymes along the day.

Yal Solan describes her sound as “soulful pop”; the artist blends influences from the acts she has been inspired by over the years, along with traditional instruments and sounds from her Lebanese heritage to house her poems and writings.