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Watch Gaidaa Perform Her New Single on Global Music Platform COLORS

The Sudanese-Dutch artist makes her second appearance on the platform, delivering a soulful, minimalist performance of her latest single, 'Let Me'.

Self-described as a “unique aesthetic music platform showcasing exceptional talent from around the globe” that “focuses on the most distinctive new artists and original sounds in an increasingly fragmented and saturated scene,” COLORS sits as one of the most unique spaces for artists. It boasts 1.1 million followers on Instagram and 5.4 million subscribers on Instagram, with its simple and unfussy, but ultimately gorgeous videos racking up tens of millions of views.

One of the latest to take to the spotlight is Sudanese-Dutch artist, Gaidaa, who recently performed her latest single, ‘Let Me’, a soulful, rich and sonically sensual track that sees the artist at her very best.This is not the first time Gaidaa has performed for COLORS. In August 2019, she performed her debut solo single, ‘Morning Blue’, donning a traditional white tobe a la her native land - a video that immediately turned the attention of the whole world to her.