Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Wezza Montaser and Ali Loka Drop Shaabi Fusion Banger ‘Ana 3al Gad’

The producer fuses typical shaabi standards with a Western arrangement for a more saturated, carved sound.

Ahmed Khalaf

Egyptian producer, Wezza, is at it again with his signature production on ‘Ana 3al Gad’, a new collaboration track with Ali Loka.

Wezza goes for slightly shaabi-sounding elements in the beat, but throws in a twist by heavily saturating and carving the sounds, a move away from shaabi’s usual distorted warps. Blending trap kicks with zills (sagat), Wezza produces a sort of Western-shaabi fusion on a bed of a mahraganat lead by a gliding bassline with some 808 slides entering the mix.

Fusing shaabi with other genres has been a recent reaction by Egyptian producers, and it’s a fascinating innovation to watch unfold.