Friday 9 of December, 2022
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Xena Elshazlii is On a Roll with 'Circus' and 'Lama Betgheeb'

‘Circus’ by Xena Elshazlii prod. by Issa&Assouad, has seen the young artist take an exciting direction, with a style that seems to be maturing right alongside her with latest track 'Lama Betgheeb'

Nadine El Roubi

Xena Elshazlii is a young artist with major potential. She’s one of those singers who makes singing look and sound effortless. With an incredible vocal range, butter-smooth runs, and the ability to tackle any genre with confidence, Xena Elshazlii is an exciting artist to watch.

The Egyptian singer has experimented with a variety of sounds, styles, and even languages. Singing in both English and Arabic, she has demonstrated the skill of bending the rules and expressing herself without reservation. Her songwriting shows a curiosity, always taking on a new challenge to push the envelope of what she’s capable of.

Though it was released a few months ago, ‘Circus’ is not a track that just comes and goes. It’s a chilling, ear-prickling track – a far cry from her usual sweet and innocent sounding music. Produced by Issa&Assouad, the song is dark, trap, and almost sinister in its production and message. It’s sonically ominous, beginning with foreboding sustained 808s and an echoing synth. Bell-like keys are introduced as Xena Elshazlii eerily sings “Welcome to the circus…”

The keys here are reminiscent of a music box, a chilling sound which is often used in some of the most iconic horror movie scenes. It achieves the hair-raising effect of turning a sweet and innocent sound into something haunting – much like what Xena Elshazlii has achieved with her transition into such a different genre.

The bridge around 1:38 is worth highlighting simply for the way it elevated the tension of the track – and Elshazlii’s humming is worthy of being put on a pedestal alongside, dare we say, Kid Cudi.

All in all, the track is an exciting direction for Xena Elshazlii, who’s style seems to be maturing right alongside her. This is evident with Elshazlii’s most recent release, ‘Lama Betgheeb’ - only released four days ago. Listen to the full track, produced by Mory Okasha below.