Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Yemeni Rapper Yemeknight Releases Eccentric Video for ‘Re7lak Mennii’

The up-and-coming rapper drops a colourful music video for his latest trap-inspired release.

Zaid Kreshan

Yemeni Rapper Yemeknight Releases Eccentric Video for ‘Re7lak Mennii’

Following up on his 2021 single ‘Proceed With Caution’, Yemeknight releases a light-hearted track and music video for ‘Re7alak Mennii’, in which the rising rapper takes a different approach to his lyricism and presentation.

Previously, we have seen Yemeknight tackling social and political issues that are plaguing Yemen through his music while rapping in English over old-school hip-hop-sounding beats. However, this time around, the rapper takes a more whimsical approach to his presentation by embracing a more comical side of his lyricism and delivery.

‘Re7alak Mennii’ makes use of trap-inspired sonics, which it pairs with a retro-sounding lead melody that adds bounce and amusement to the track. In this release, Yemeknight raps primarily in Arabic, with some English sections added in for variety, and while the rapper takes a more lighthearted approach in this track, he still uses his platform to highlight Yemen, as he takes it upon himself to represent his country through his lyrics.

The music video, directed by Tokien Poductions, doubles down on the track’s easy-going aesthetic. Yemeknight delivers a spirited performance to the camera, with the visual direction making use of a luminous colour palette, lively background, and outfits that range from traditional headwear to eccentric costumes.

Watch the full video for Yemeknight’s ‘Re7lak Mennii’ here: