Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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Youm Fel Fayoum Fest is Back For Vol. 2 On March 25th

This volume sees Youm Fel Fayoum festivities occur for the second time in under two months.

Scene Noise

As the name implies, ‘Youm Fel Fayoum’ is an all-day event in Fayoum desert, offering music, live performances, wellness activities, workshops, and food and beverages. The first volume saw El-Waili, Nubi, Soulbound, and more rock the stage alongside with workshops being offered.

For their second volume on the 25th of March, the event invites Ameed, Yo-Lan-Da, Insonata, Shunus, Sherif & Tex, and Taher for a stream of organic, downtempo, and live music.  ‘Youm Fel Fayoum’ is also offering some stimulating activities with Flaw’d Art’s acrylic pouring, where unique masterpieces are created by spilling fluid acrylic painting on a board. Egypt’s local stationary brand Grain Studio will also be offering a workshop, teaching yowu to create your own book design and bind it together. On the wellness and fitness side of things, Farah Eldeeb will be giving attendees an acro yoga class.

To book your spot for the one day retreat, DM @five2nineevents on Instagram or send an email to