Thursday June 13th, 2024
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Zaid Khaled and Kubbara Collaborate On Synth-Heaven Single 'FAIR'

The Jordanian alternative artist is on an rejuvenated musical mission with a change of sound set to take place in his upcoming releases.

Farah Desouky

Zaid Khaled and Kubbara Collaborate On Synth-Heaven Single 'FAIR'

Jordanian alternative Arabic pop artist, Zaid Khaled, collaborates with Egyptian music producer Kubbara on a new single ‘Fair’, and it’s clear Khaled will be consistently venturing into new musical territories. Their latest release ‘Fair’ is a modern romance take, combining romantic angst, and longing with Kubarra’s rebellious electronic tunes.

With a two-year-old music career, the prolific artist has released multiple singles and a debut album in collaboration with Egyptian producer El Waili, and his latest ‘Fair’ continues the dreamy lyrical personal narrative his fans love him for, bringing in a nostalgic 80s-90s influence evident while sounding as experimental and fresh as ever, through his eclectic auto tuned performance and dive persona.