Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Zeyne is in Her ‘00s R&B Era on ‘Wala Forsa’

The Jordanian-Palestinian artist releases a heartbreak anthem that celebrates the symphony of self-discovery that heartbreak can compose.

Matilda Hubble

In Zeyne’s new single ‘Wala Forsa’, the Jordanian-Palestinian artist offers the listeners a catchy R&B ode to the wisdom found in heartbreak. Using a mix of Arabic and English lyrics, the singer explores the iconic 2000s R&B genre, blending its influences with modern Arabic soundscapes.

Co-written by Zeyne alongside Nasir AlBashir, Saif Shroof, and Saif Bataineh, ‘Wala Forsa’ centres around a moment of heartbreak that Zeyne went through. Rather than tears, however, the song celebrates the symphony of self-discovery that such an event can compose. It’s a love song to the lesson learned, and the strength found in knowing and respecting oneself, while touching upon the poignant realisation that sometimes, appreciation only dawns after the flames have extinguished.