Thursday March 30th, 2023
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Zeyne’s ‘Atoul’ is a Ballad for the Lovers At First Sight

The Palestinain/Jordanian singer brings an Arab flavour to RnB in a stunning way.

Scene Noise

Palestinian/Jordanian artist Zeyne first garnered attention on social media – with a stunning voice, serene aura, and Instagram covers fit to put their original songs to shame, the singer quickly turned heads. Her career then transitioned from cover artist to singer-songwriter.

Zeyne’s latest track is ‘Atoul’, her third original release following last year’s ‘Nostalgia’ and ‘Minni Ana’. ‘Atoul’ sees the singer tread the waters of RnB and funk, using a unique mixture of the two genres to capture the playfulness and confusion brought on by a new infatuation.

Written and composed by Zeyne and collaborator Nasir AlBashir, ‘Atoul’ is a story of love at first sight and the phenomenon of falling in love in a society that challenges it. Throughout the song, Zeyne attempts to explain the obscurity of romance using internal dialogues of imagined conversations with her partner as well as herself. She speaks of love as a game and the lovers as its players, trapped in an endless entanglement, not knowing the rules nor how to get out. And yet, the song leaves listeners with a singular positive take-away: Love finds you.

Listen to the track below.