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Art Lab Makes Sassy Sculptures for Any Space

Art Lab does away with mundane decorative art, and invites abstraction and whimsy into interior spaces.

The eccentric creations include the ’Chubzees’, disproportionately chubby and short zebra sculptures, the ’Polar B’, a massive cubist white polar bear made from fiberglass, the ‘Mickey Mice’ which are solid color recreations of Mickey Mouse with gold detailing and the ‘Fuzz Buzz’, which playfully echoes the shape of a bubble chain. Then there’s the ‘peanut butter & j’, an indigo reimagination of a dancing couple which best embodies the subtleties behind this art form, making it more than just a bunch of cute shapes. The sharpness of figures and forms is softened to a vague representation. Details are dissolved, but body language, familiarity and human character remain intact. “There are those who ask us to make classical or realistic pieces for their homes, and we can do that for them,” ico-founder Nadia El Sheikh tells #SceneHome. “But really, the soul of Art Lab is in abstraction, and it's the people who really appreciate it that we’re trying to engage with.”

While sculptures comprise the majority of their product line, Art Lab also has statement furniture pieces, murals, and a number of paintings that adopt the same chunky abstract shapes that appear in the sculptures and fuses them with a graffiti style that is one part crude, and one part pop art.

Their pieces are entirely customisable, and are created by order according to the specifications of your home.

To sample the Art Lab’s aesthetic experimentations, you can DM them at their Instagram account at