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Award-Winning Cairo Festival City Home Flaunts a Medley of Luxury

The flamboyant use of marbles and wood in every space of this Cairo Festival City residence by L’Angolo Interiors got it awarded ‘Best Luxury Residential Design’ by Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2022.

As the winner of ‘Best Luxury Residential Design’ at the Luxury Lifestyle Awards in 2022, this Cairo Festival City house has a lot to write home about. Designed by L’Angolo Interiors, every corner has something to offer, filling the home with a wide variety of aesthetics meant to be shown off with as much pizzazz as can fit in this 750sqm residence.

“The homeowners wanted a dazzling design that would impress guests coming over,” Nour Fadl, founder of L’Angolo Interiors, tells SceneHome. “The idea was to create a luxurious neoclassical interior that breaks the traditional rules of classic design by using an asymmetric concept.”

Entering through a lobby decorated with White Arabescato and Yellow Giallo Sienna marbles, guests are met with a Not Toys figurine offering its random dose of visual fun, ahead of golden bars that establish one of the common luxury tones of this abode.

“Standing freely in the reception area, an illuminated onyx partition joins brushed gold claddings and separators in completing the interior’s look,” Fadl adds. This bright and natural set up provides a luxe background to a five seater, navy blue Velvet Chesterfield sofa, one of many eloquent furniture decorating the space.

Floors are contrastingly covered by Italian marble and engineered wood, which is epitomised in the dining room which has the combo evidently clear in a neat layout which features Grey Orobico and walnut wood. Walnut carries onto the wall cladding, joining classical panels and heavily detailed corniches to emphasise the style on the walls. No surface was left untouched; the staircase is richly mapped out by marble, framed by wood and supplemented by gold in a luxury-country mix of aesthetics that leads to the second floor, where one of the rooms is a loft bedroom.

“It was a big challenge, since the client wasn’t totally convinced with the idea,” Fadl says, pointing at the loft bedroom. “After showing them the renders, and demonstrating how it achieved the demanded functions, it turned out to be the most unique space in the house.”

Outside, a complete shift takes over and everything becomes more subtle and quieted down. Fadl collaborated with A Squared Landscape to integrate their renowned glass edged pools in the outdoors of this heavy metal luxury residence. A small, understated contrast to make the most of the flamboyance that is celebrated beyond it.

Photography Credit: Nour El Refai