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Cairo in Space - Egyptian Creators Team Up for This 3D Cyberpunk Art

These 3D designers envisioned Egypt with a cyberpunk bend, and what better way than with a ChillOut convenience store floating in space?

When Egyptian 3D artists, Ahmed Fares and Ahmed Mostafa, went about imagining what Cairo might look like in 2077, they didn’t look to the Pyramids, to the Nile or to Cairo Tower to apply their visions on. Instead, alongside Argentina-based NFT artist Alejandro Burdisio, they’ve gone full cyberpunk, putting together a spectacular piece that takes place at a location that is just as much in the fabric of modern living in Cairo: A ChillOut gas station and store - a popular spot for Cairene loiterers.

Within this futuristic frame, a scene set high up in the clouds retains and Egyptian spirit by including some familiar figures, such as a graffiti art of Mohamed Salah on one of many corrugated metal sheets that cover the walls, and a portrait of El Sheikh El Shaarawy printed on the side window of a tuk-tuk (jet powered, naturally). As odd as it may sound, all this science fiction is in the realm of real science. What isn’t, however, is how that cat made it up there.