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Cute Candles From Local Brands That Light a Fire in Our Hearts

Winter has been overstaying its welcome, so we decided to compile a list of the most charming candles by local Egyptian brands to keep our freezing little fingers (and souls) warm.

Climate change has been getting the better of us and keeping things much too cold for much too long. Well, if winter wants to stick around for an extra week or two, we’ve got the perfect winter item to accompany it: candles. We’ve compiled a list of some of the cutest candles you can find from these local brands to help keep our freezing little fingers (and souls) warm...

You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie | Relaxscent

The white mum of candles, Relaxscent’s ‘You’re Doing Amazing Sweetie’ candle embodies that ‘pat on the back’ maternal energy that some of us need from time to time. Made from 100% soy wax, the candle is a blend of sweet orange, patchouli, and cedarwood, perfect for those nights of slight existential dread (just us?).

My Patience is in Retrograde | Roshan Candles

An all-nighter materialised, this candle is Venus in Pisces, imbuing you with the kind of sensitive, creative energy we sorely need to get us through the chill of winter.

So Many Feelings, But It’s Okay | XHBT SHOP

Cannot quite put your PMS erratic inflammations into words? No need to even try anymore because the ‘So Many Feelings, But It’s Okay’ candle is going to perfectly capture those chaotic thoughts in wax and let you melt it all into a sweet puddly mess.

The Cupid Candle | The Greek Candle

We’re hopeless romantics and as soon as our eyes landed upon this cutie we couldn’t help but add her to this list. Serving as a microcosm of Grecian antiquity, this candle is not only totes adorbs but like, really intellectual too.

Teddy Bear Candle | Reeyl Candles

It’s baby pink and we think that’s more than enough reasoning to justify this purchase, no? The Teddy Bear Candle is that touch of innocence that adulthood calls for when cuddles are not cutting it and spoonfuls of peanut butter at midnight are proving to be more acne than serotonin inducing.

Be Posé’s Signature Candle | POSÉ

As Megan the Stallion once famously said, “Body yody yody yody yody” and that’s all POSÉ is serving us at the minute. They are not holding back when it comes to sex appeal and so sexy candles they offer, a perfect addition to any feminist’s dresser.