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Dine & Dazzle: Inspiring Dining Rooms by Egyptian Designers

We take a look at a number of unique dining rooms that offer inspiration and key features to consider when designing your own.

As we progress through time, so do our spaces. Constantly shifting with the functions we render essential in our homes. However, one thing remains unchanged: the sanctity of the dining room. Hosting has evolved from an option for social engagement into somewhat of a necessity, and nothing equips a home to host like the dining room. We’ve taken a moment to appreciate unique dining rooms by Egyptian designers, showcasing a variety of dining space essentials that work for formal occasions, casual gatherings, and in Dar Omar El Farouk’s case, a mediaeval themed dinner party.

Hany Saad Innovations

Sophistication and subtlety can go hand in hand, as shown in this tastefully designed dining room in an Allegria home by Hany Saad Innovations. Colours are vivid and complementary in the space, from the Old Copper hue on the chairs to the golden highlights aligned to create strong lines on the walls which add depth of field to this subtle yet stylish design. Aside from the smooth colour palette, the long dining table makes it suitable for large company.


While in Allegria, another home had owners with extremely contrasting styles which the designers at TDF+ turned into its advantage. Offering different moods that were often mediated with Black. In the dining room, the designers showcased how the space could be juxtaposed with the neutral palette. Orchestrating a contemporary space with black wall panelling that sets the tone for the dining table distinctly designed by Italy-based Molteni & C Dada to leave a lasting impression.

Hassan Abouseda Architects
The chairs tell the tale once again. In this art deco styled Zamalek home, Hassan Abouseda went with colourfully stained chairs which best fit the character of the space. Pre-existing lacquer oak covers the floor while Dusty Turquoise imbued the walls with a neutrality that allows the furnishings to flourish. Separating from the remaining zones with a partition, this dining space is lit with a melting glass chandelier.

L'Angolo InteriorsBeautiful lighting fixtures can turn any dining room into an extraordinary one. There’s nothing ordinary about this space in a Cairo Festival City home designed by L’Angolo Interiors. From the flooring which contrasts from Italian Grey Orobico marble to walnut wood, to the striking artwork and detailed corniches on the wall. But it’s the undulating chandelier that completes the aesthetic.

Khaled Tahoon Designs

Beyond the 50s aesthetics of this Mansouria home by Khaled Tahoon Designs, this dining room features excellent use of space. Opting against an open floor plan the dining room – like the rest – is separated, private and intimate. Folding windows were placed between the dining and living rooms to ensure movement remains smooth while hosting. That said, the stone walled theme of the home continues within the space with wooden beams on the ceiling conveying the equestrian nature of the countryside residence.

Omar El Farouk

Commitment to aesthetics isn’t an easy feat, and making them connect is even more difficult. Dar Omar El Farouk, architect Omar El Farouk’s residence in Tunis Village, Fayoum, is the epitome of one-of-a-kind residences. The dining room is topped with a series of domes covered in terracotta facer bricks, it’s aligned with symmetry by an array of windows topped with multicolour glass, and the dining arrangement that occupies the space features a long, narrow rectangular table accompanied with vintage chairs covered in genuine deer leather. The point of this space is that despite how eclectic you want to get, you need to pick out furnishings that go along with the overall theme. Commit and connect the aesthetics.

Laithy + Architects

Custom furnishings, on the other hand, ensure your space is unlike any other. Unique. Which was the case when Laithy + Architects crafted the dining chairs in this summerhouse dining room. Their muted green hue mixed well with the electric yellow veins in the Panda Green marble table. Terracotta tableware maintain the colour scheme while the lighting fixture and ceiling design continue the curved and easy on the eye forms in the room.

The Design Avenue

Establishing a focal point in the room is essential, making it the centre of attention compels guests to embrace the ambiance and take a seat. In this The Design Avenue design, the white marble table is the centre point with furnishings and accessories complementing it. Like the nuanced chairs of lean proportions, and wavy accessory hanging in front of a curved up wall. Great designs are hard to miss.

Yasmina Makram

Spaces are completely transformed with unique colours, and a great place to experiment with bold paint is on the walls. Exactly what Yasmina Makram did in this contemporary Sheikh Zayed home. Aside from the molten glass chandelier from Vancouver-based Bocci, and the dining set up telling the Italian craftsmanship of Molteni & C Dada, this space is all about its Jungle Green. Exuding visual vibrance that would draw any guest into the mood it sets. For the love of green, why would you ever leave this space?