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Eruption by Undefined is a Dynamic Blast of Functional Art

With a desert for a backdrop, Eruption is Undefined’s inaugural collection of functional art, with designs that display an intense sense of freedom and nuanced beauty.

Warmth, a precious sensation that caters to the mind, body, and - of course - soul. Undefined, a furniture brand founded by interior designer Maha Mansy and architect Khadija Ayman, thought of delivering on this a sensation with their inaugural collection ‘Eruption’ which combines the zeal of Rouge Agadir marble and the excitement of Oak veneer to create dynamic-yet-minimal pieces that are meant for art lovers and those who appreciate functionality. The duo like to call them ‘functional pieces of art’.

“Undefined is meant to present pleasing aesthetics, functionality, and above all, maintain intrigue,” Mansy tells SceneHome. Over a year ago, a coincidental moment shared by the designers spurred their thoughts on creating authentic furniture designed and manufactured in Cairo, Egypt. When they realised that they had the same passion, everything was ignited.

“The design phase lasted around six months, during which we weren’t sure what to call it so we went with ‘Maha and Khadija’s project,” she says, lightheartedly. A couple of months later they decided on ‘Undefined’. “It’s vague, exciting and has no boundaries. Hence the location we picked for our first photoshoot was the desert of Fayoum.”

“It is a warm collection, shot in the desert to intensify its feeling of freedom and emphasise its beauty with a neutral backdrop,” Ayman says, referring to Eruption’s bronze tinted glass table, fitted with the ardent hues of round Rosso Orobico marble. “The pieces complement yet also stand out within the natural setting.”  Cylinders are a common form in Eruption, a reference to the volcanos from which they draw their inspiration. For example, a tempered crystal glass table top supported by glass tubes combined with coated stainless steel, creating an everlastingly engaging visual that alters as you twist and turn around it. All while resting atop an array of desert sand lines. An alluring shade of black coats the geometry as the top is left exposed with warm veined marble leaving its mark.

“The distinctive colour palettes are meant to influence people’s tastes towards their character,” the co-founders say. In its inception, Eruption was intended to be a bold statement that relies on unique materials and applies technically challenging designs, which visually appears to be the case. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of geometric forms; combining them into eye-catching shapes is never an easy task. Yet this collection makes it appear effortless.