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Homegrown Brands Crafting Cuteness for Your Kids

Designing a baby room or a toddler’s domain calls for tons of style and an overload of playfulness. Here are local brands crafting charming products made just for children.

If you’re expecting a baby, that means it’s time to repurpose the home gym to its true function; nursery. Whether it’s for a newborn gracing you with bliss or a toddler making your life a living… heaven, these local brands create everything you need to make your kids’ rooms their favourite ever.

Soup Kids

Two words: animal prints. That visual wins every day. Soup Kids’ prints can be applied on different surfaces, but it’s their cushions that make an immediate attraction. If you happen to take your child to Soup Kids’ pop up store at Walk of Cairo, you’re probably leaving with the entire lot. So, maybe shop online through their website; fluffy zebra cushions can’t be pulled through a screen.

Wally’s Wallpaper

Filling the space with stuffed animals is important, but setting the background to it all is just as important. Wally’s Wallpaper is a well known brand amongst Egyptian designers and homeowners. Their collection for the little ones - ‘Little Wally’s’ - is where you’ll find serene nighttime depictions of animals by a lake. Now, that’s a view we could all use. Make sure you pick out one of their washable wallpapers, though - you never know what sort of mess you’ll find there when you take your eyes off the kids.

Little Blessings

If unicorns floating on a curtain filled with rainbows is the visual trip you’d like to take your toddler on, then Little Blessings has got you covered. Graceful depictions of rainbows that seem to melt into an ocean of pink are applied to bedsheets, walls, artworks and curtains, that can all be ordered online and delivered to your doorstep.

Bambam BasketsThese customised baskets made out of palm leaves can be made with your kid’s name knitted on them. Bambam Baskets is the sustainable storage solution to keep you from stepping on Legos barefoot.

The Tiny Space

The tiny space for the tiny people. Located at Potato Head Boutique at Arabella Plaza, this brand takes a natural approach to their home accessories. Cactus shaped wall hangers, reindeer chairs and elephant shaped libraries are the sort of things we’re talking about.  Their creative designs immerse children in an interactive – and quite honestly friendly – environment that can only enrich their sense of imagination. To you these are cute bookshelves available in different colours. To them, it’s the inside of an elephant.

KO Kids

We’ll never outgrow tents, therefore, this one's for you as much as it’s for your kid. Nothing beats spending quality time inside a tent telling stories over an imaginary campfire. KO Kids apply their prints on everything from sheets, mats, cushions and tents. In the case of this ‘Teepee’ tent, the print is boho.

The Baby Things

As much as we all like to claim our presence, sometimes the going gets tough and we lose track of things. So it’s nice to have tiny accessories around the space reminding us of the precious moments. The Baby Things make wooden milestone cards and birth announcement hangers that would make for the most adorable door signs, and they ship all over Egypt.

Lilo Baby Home

Many seek luxury in every element of their home, these statement bassinets by Lilo Baby Home will ensure the nursery blends with the rest of the spaces. They’re handcrafted to grant your baby the ultimate nap time, with velvet giving them an extremely soft touched hug. You can see these pristine cribs yourself by visiting Toy Zone in Smouha.