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How Ahmed Hussein Brings His Style Into His Cairo Design Studio

Designer Ahmed Hussein offers his clients a taste of what his studio can offer through the immaculate finishes that cover his home-like studio in El Nozha.

Ahmed Hussein is known for his distinctive style, creating a balance of natural materials that bring rich texturing to his clients’ spaces, and minimal forms that feature sculpted art and abstract paintings. As it turned out, Ahmed Hussein’s own design studio follows suit, giving us a taste of exactly what his work is about. Located in El Nozha, Cairo, the studio presents a sort of teaser for clients seeking their dream home.

Hussein’s design ethos presents itself as unapologetically luxurious with modern country aesthetics. Maybe it’s the fireplace embedded in a massive sized black marble slab immaculately placed without interrupting cuts, allowing its white veins to provide a dramatic pattern Hussein refers to as “the hero of the space.” Or the electrifying grey marble kitchen island on which one might brew a cup of coffee. Pacing through the corridor and design offices with its many aesthetics, the studio is packed with visuals that would enchant anyone. It’s unsurprising when his clientele includes the likes of Yasmine Sabry and Amr Adeeb. Recently, he brought his touch to Daniella Semaan and Cesc Fabregas’ home in Barcelona.

There’s no baffling magic to Hussein’s work - it’s just a matter of listening to what homeowners seek and adjusting his signature style to it. Do they spend their time outdoors and like to find soothing aesthetics at home? Or do they need the interior to be filled with interesting features that constantly unfold themselves? It’s managing things like these that made Ahmed Hussein’s trajectory difficult to keep up with. His studio is just like his work; immaculate, rich and modern.