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Leopelle’s Legacy: Four Generations of Quality Egyptian Leathers

In a furniture industry often governed by trends, one thing never wavers - the pursuit for quality materials, quality finishes and, ultimately, a quality product.

Leather has for decades been a fertile field, comparable to Egyptian cotton in the sheer quantity and potential application of a material that is worth its weight in gold when it comes to furniture.

One name that has been leading the charge for the better part of the 20th century is Leopelle, an Egyptian giant of a company that has been running for four generations, a company that has and continues to supply the furniture industry both locally and internationally with the highest quality leathers - a company that you’ve probably felt the touch of without ever knowing.

The fight for quality leather is an ongoing one, though, and while Egypt has often put all that is foreign on a pedestal ahead of its Egyptian counterparts, the tide is changing as we found out from CEO and Creative Director, Ahmed Elgabbas, when we paid a visit to Leopelle’s bustling factory.