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Nano Mahgoub Makes Colours Pop at This Japanese Restaurant in Madrid

Cairo and Milan based design firm Nano Mahgoub has created a bold visual experience in Tojo’s, a contemporary Japanese restaurant that will soon be built in Madrid.

The popping colour palette and mood of Tojo’s – a Japanese restaurant yet to be built in Madrid – announces itself from the lobby. With undulating ceiling designs and hints of green tucked into oceans of red, Nano Mahgoub – the Cairo and Milan based design firm behind this project – went for a bold and contemporary dining experience that will offer a variety of different sushi munching zones, with tweaks throughout to cater to as many tastes and preferences as possible.

“Tojo’s wanted to have a vibrant design that was modern yet relied on simple and economic materials,” founder Nariman Mahgoub tells #SceneHome. “We mainly designed using ceramics on most of the finishes as it is readily available in Spain.” All the tables are covered with mosaics that engage in a dialogue of material with the reflective tiles that wrap wall partitions in dark hues, while a skylight brightens up the main space and complements the indoor greenery, adding a sublime essence to the diner.

Restaurants are often assessed by their seating variety, and here, the design includes options overlooking the street for those who like to observe traffic while munching on a shrimp tempura roll, or others grabbing a set of rainbow rolls during their lunch break. While dining tables are set on both flanks for friends and families to dip their maki while enjoying a joyous moment within the airy environment of this design.

“At the end of the space, a lively bar which is also covered in reflective ceramic tiles presents users with the opportunity to watch their food being prepared and have a drink while resting on an immaculate surface,” Mahgoub continues. “The seating is slightly more cushy than it is in the earlier zones to entice users to stay that extra bit longer.”

This variety ensures that the restaurant will be operating all day long, serving a range of different users. Tojo’s was meant to be built a couple of years back before plans were halted by the pandemic. With restrictions easing off, plans to get this dining den to life are brewing.

With projects spanning Spain, Italy and Morocco, Nano Mahgoub is a design firm that has expanded its reach rapidly since it established a Cairo branch in 2019. Previously, Mahgoub had founded the firm in Milan, working with the likes of Salvatore Ferragamo. Mahgoub has since delivered her Italian-inspired approach to Egypt and across the MENA region with zeal.