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Soothing Summer Vibes With the Latest Casa Designs Collection

Casa Designs release Spring/Summer furniture collection inspired by Aswan’s heartfelt serenity in contemporary forms ranging from statement lounge chairs to airy outdoor.

As the summer season beckons, it’s about time to be looking for furniture pieces that complement our summerhouses. Whether we want unique pieces that bring contemporary form to the living room or stylish dining chairs weaved with wicker, Casa Designs present the variety needed to complete your outdoor scenery and indoor vibes in Tales of Soun, their Spring/Summer furniture collection showcasing freshness and tradition at once.

Inspired by Aswan and its enduringly vibrant aesthetics, the collection was named after the Ancient Egyptian origin of the word ‘Aswan’, Soun. The word translates to Souk, Arabic for ‘market’, highlighting the strategic role the golden city in the South played by providing granite. Casa Designs wanted to contextualise the new collection within the rich history of the Nile side city.

Atop the rocky hills of Aswan, an outdoor set up basks in the sun with its linear and lenient form. Aside from the hefty seating space, it’s the wicker backs and side arms that keeps things airy. On the dining chairs, the same material was weaved to pay tribute to its cultural significance through an abstraction that integrated them into the sleek metal form subtly.

Indoors, the dining set up presents itself with a warmer tone, as its wood brings the fervourness of the season into the space while the chairs are elegantly carved with delicate curvatures. The Tales of Soun features a round sofa that has movable modules allowing you to rearrange according to the activity you’re indulging in during those ever sweet summer days and nights.Offering elegance in olive green, a lounge chair establishes modern aesthetics within the space, which can be paired with an immaculately carved wooden coffee table. The inspirations behind Casa’s collection were applied with the visual theories of today, using simple solutions that transmit an air imbued with peace, while keeping a traditional undertone that comes to the surface through work ethic and craftsmanship.