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Studio Figurati Reimagines Classical French Bathrooms with Pizzazz

The render of this bathroom design will make you feel like you’re Napoleon soaking in the bathtub while a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh looks over you. It’s just that kind of vibe.

Colour is audaciously applied in this reimagined render of classical French bathrooms by Studio Figurati. Bringing early renaissance aesthetics to 2022, the space features a bathtub accompanied by a stool from the studio’s upcoming collection, both sheltered by multicoloured gradient glass. The entire set up is overlooked by a portrait of Vincent Van Gogh, because who else would you have looking over you as you take a bubble bath? That thing with the ear? Tres romantique.

“The ambiance of the bathroom presents it as a comfortable exile, a space for daily therapy,” Ahmed Wassef, founder of Studio Figurati, tells #SceneHome. Having French home visuals in mind, along with the fact that Napoleon loved taking baths while reading newspapers, the studio decided to make this design as popping as it is sophisticated. We mean, look at those unapologetically pink taps above the clawfoot tub.

“Blending the clawfoot tub with vibrant gradient glass gave character to the space,” Wassef adds, showcasing the studio’s continual approach to bring historical elements of the past to the present. “The partitions were designed with zigzags to suggest movement that adds zest to the interior and stimulates the eye.”

Clawfoot tubs reached the apex of their popularity in the late 19th century, their ball and claw design was inspired by the Chinese motif of a dragon holding a precious stone. Here, it sits next to a zigzag stool that has its form derived from Studio Figurati’s upcoming product collection which will have multiple finishes to complement the glass degrade.