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You Can Now Shop Odd Behaviour’s Egyptian Prints on a New Website

Odd Behaviour’s new website lets you pick portals into the days of future past for your home, office, or any space you wish to imbue with an air of nonchalant Ancient Egyptian reimagination.

Oh yes, it’s true. Digital artist Odd Behaviour is now offering his mind bending artworks through a new online shop. We’re not talking about botanicals from equatorial guinea but trippy portals portraying Egyptian icons to hang on the walls of your home, office, restaurant, or really, anywhere.

Regardless of whether you're Egyptian or not, Ancient Egyptian iconography is universal, rarely – if ever – mistaken or unrecognised. Sure, you may not be able to pinpoint that the female figure before you is Nefertiti, but still, you can sense her greatness. The Nefertiti series is perhaps Odd Behaviour’s most famous, through it he delivers multiple refreshing interpretations of the ancient queen,  like having her blowing a pink bubblegum, mixing nonchalance with the grandeur of the ancient queen in what is, quite frankly, a striking visual.

It’s through such contrasting eye candy that the artist manages to bridge the visual culture of Egypt’s past to its future. In each vision, Odd Behaviour integrates supplementary elements like galaxy overlays, calligraphy and pop art. Ultimately, these artworks are like cyberpunk meets ancient Egypt, fusing shapes of iconography with bold colour choices that paint authentic visuals that are rarely ever seen, despite their familiarity.

To get these stunning conversation starters for your home, like Anubis in a light blue sweater holding a pup, visit The new website gives you the opportunity to choose the design and pick the frame’s size and colour.