Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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11 Of Egypt's Best Ongoing DJ Sets

With a flurry of Electronic music series out there, we give you the lowdown on what's good, and when to listen to it.

Staff Writer

With a new DJ series/podcast posted online every other hour, Cairo is becoming saturated by sets from both veteran and newbie DJs alike, so we at Cairo Scene decided that it is high time we set things straight with a comprehensive list of epic DJ series originating from Cairo. 

Karim Yousry - Enlightenment



Karim Yousry is one of Cairo's youngest DJs to break through and play to a live crowd alongside international counterparts. Karim was featured among the top 20 of's Middle East Top 100 at only 14 years old. The latest episode of his series Enlightenment was featured on Bulgarian TM Radio. Karim's series is perfect for those peak times when you need a musical journey to help you break through the physical boundaries and into the realm of enlightenment.


Hady Tarek - Sound Chemistry

Hady Tarek, an old timer of the Electronic music scene in Cairo, has been churning out quality House sets for the past decade or more. Hady's series Sound Chemistry is at its 38th installment! A producer himself, Hady's signature progressive sound is known by many on-shore and over-seas. Sound Chemistry is the type of set that can work for you in many situations whether your on the build up or fluttering high already, this series will not bring you down!


Hisham Zahran - The Next Level

Hisham Zahran's series The Next Level on Proton Radio has been playing over the internet for years, and it has garnered a huge following and has been able to influence many other artists' careers through its guest mixes. Zahran is a diverse artist, evolving when the need arises; as such it is hard to expect a certain style from him. One thing for sure is that every installment is an extension of his persona and will take you on a journey worth your time. If you're fan, you should also definitely check out his latest end of year mix for 205 here.


Shiha - Clubbing Purposes

Shiha is a veteran DJ, part of Epic 101 and a prolific VJ. He is one part of production and performance trio Dr K & Ni vs Shiha. These guys have been releasing sets and productions together for a long time. Shiha's Clubbing Purposes is his solo project and your go-to series for your Progressive House needs.


Sebzz - Limitless

Started upon the re-launch of CairoScene in 2013, Limitless comes from Ahmed el Sebai AKA Sebzz, one of the country's most passionate spinners. His keen ear for all kinds of House and knowing exactly when to bring things up a notch or lay them back has made Sebzz' sets hugely popular both behind the decks and online.


Moste - Temple Sessions

Mostafa Emad, has been at it for quite a long time now and also competed in the omnipotent Student DJ competition. Lately he has started compiling a new series Temple of Sound; every series is mixed by a guest DJ, with several episodes seeing acclaimed artists doing the mixing. Reaching it 34th episode in a rather short time, Temple Sessions is on its way to claim its place amongst Egypt's best DJ series. 


Electrum Records - Dispersions

Dispersions is Electrum Records' ongoing series where every episode features an artist off of its roster taking over. Their roster contains chart-topping artists like Aguizi & Fahim. It has also seen highly acclaimed local DJs like Fahmy, Gawdat, Man-O, Azaar, Kidmims, Akladios, Moenes and several others. Dispersions is a diverse selection of styles and genres, meaning that every time you tune in you will be surprised.


M Fayek - Quarter Tone Frequency

M Fayek burst on to the DJing scene in the past couple of years and has been taking it by storm, appearing in many of the city's hottest parties and clubs. Fayek's Quarter Tone Radio Show on Tunnel FM, has been going on for over a couple of months now and has catapulted his career locally, garnering him the reputation required to be a staple on the DJ circuit. His sounds range from Deep House to Tech to Techno, tune in if you need a set for your peak time. 


Bashar Galal - The Breakfast Club

Bashar Galal AKA Bash, is a recent addition to Cairo's bustling DJ scene. Galal has already made his mark appearing in the most recent Student DJ Program and making it to the top 10. His series, The Breakfast Club has just debuted; it is a selection of tunes that are perfect for those early mornings, on your way to work, or in the house chilling with a cup of coffee. 


Nourre Fahmy - Jungle

Nourre Fahmy, coming to prominence lately as a man with many sounds, took part in the last Student DJ competition coming in as first runner up. He's been taking Egypt's DJ circuit by storm, playing in trending parties to Techno nights a like. Nourre's on-going DJ set Jungle is one to look out for; each installment is named a after a different animal, and is an extension of that animal's attributes, meaning that every time you'll be getting a surprise in terms of style and genre - what is sure is that Nourre has not disappointed as of far.


Besworx - Bescast

Besworx an Egyptian label catering to fans of the more avant garde side of the coin. Its podcast, Bescast, is mixed by a different DJ every time, so it's hard to tell you what to expect, but what we can be sure about is that whatever you're getting, it will be edgy.