Sunday June 16th, 2024
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12 Awesome Music Shops in Egypt

The ultimate guide for musicians, producers and pros, from instruments to amplifiers, and every little gadget in between.

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12 Awesome Music Shops in Egypt

Musicians in Egypt know how hard it is to get the top of the line instruments and equipment in Egypt. Fear not, for SceneNoise is her to rescue you from sounding terrible at the weekly jam because you're still using your dad's old Yamaha.

Technical Office for Trading

Commonly known as Toftrading, this giant office offers a plethora of brands. From Alesis to Washburn passing by B.C. Rich and Takamine, TOFT is most certainly the spot for all the rockers and metal heads.

Location: 32 Gaffar El-Sadek St., Flat #2, 7th District, Nasr City


Floyd is known for its wide array of guitars offering guitarists a paradise-like space but now, it’s expanded to offer almost everything musicians need. Recently they just got the Focal studio monitors which is quite a big deal for serious audiophiles!

Location: 16 El Messaha Square, Dokki


Recently, we were thrilled to interview the man behind the first online store of its kind in Egypt – an online music shop. Offering lots of options for audiophiles, studio owners and musicians, One Roof has quickly made its name in the music world in Egypt.


Offering harmonicas, pianos, keyboards, guitars, wireless systems, more guitars, drums, some gimmicks and more guitars, Distingo is a no brainer solution when it comes to guitars.

Locations: 70 Street 9, Maadi, 114 26th July Street, Zamalek

Audio Technology

An official distributor for Bose, JBL, Soundcraft, Beyerdynamic, dbx, Lexicon, Pioneer and Shure, offering a plethora of options from pro audio equipment to visual systems and live equipment, the minute we walked into their warehouse, it felt like we just found our soul-space with their speakers and signal processors.

Location: 95 El Merghany St., Heliopolis


You've jammed there, but have you shopped their? Offering rehearsal, recording, music courses along with the music equipment, Vibe has become a haven for musicians, singers and bands.

Location: 7 Mosaddak Street, Dokki

Technology KAR

Looking for some nice Adam studio monitors? Here’s the official distributor. You’re welcome. Not just that, they also provide D&R mixing consoles, the oh-legendary Neumann microphones, all the Sennheiser gear you could think of and –this tops everything– SSL! Yes, those super expensive desks/mixers that musicians debate if they’re worth it or not. Not to forget the ingenious warm sounding SPL signal processors from Passeq passive mastering equalizer to the one-of-a-kind Transient Designer.

Location: 5 Mohamed Mahmoud Shaaban (El Koroum) St., Dokki

Alpha Audio

The official distributor for M-Audio, Focusrite and many more studio equipment brands Alpha also offer midi controllers, studio headphones, audio interfaces and studio monitors like KRKs.

Location: 6 Mahmoud Hafez St., Heliopolis


Equipped with a showroom, Al-Fanny is the official distributor for Roland, Mackie, Wharfedale, Kurzweil, BlackStar, Røde microphones, ESP, Denon and Korg. They have outstanding pianos there where you can sit and play your heart out (which is quite uncommon here in Egypt) and a gazillion guitars with sonically-ingenious amplifiers. Probably of the most sophisticated music stores/showrooms here in Egypt, if not the only one.

Location: 9 Ebn Hagar Al Askalany St., Ard Al Golf, Heliopolis  

Flex Music

This Maadi store provides musical instruments, recording, DJ and sound equipment, as well as vinyl records and CDs for collectors. There's also a well-equipped and sound-proofed rehearsing studio with good acoustics that's also suitable for recording.

Location: 45 Road 9, Maadi

Buy And Sell Musical Instruments

As a musician in Egypt, you'll have learned one important lesson (and not how to count 21/16 correctly): nothing is better than asking people directly. This Facebook group will get you musician friends, people you can review and talk about gear with and most importantly, know where to get extremely uncommon things easily; like a guitar paint job for example.

Mohamed Aly Street

When your scavenger hunt is all futile and you can’t find your niche, there’s only one place to go. Mohamed Aly is an entire street with a huge number of music stores that sell each and every kind of instrument and device; you might even find Waldo (and Waldeto as well, hehe) in there.

Location: Attaba