Sunday December 10th, 2023
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22 Must-Listen Sets By Egyptian DJs in 2016

2016 has been a great year for Egypt's music scene. Here is the only argument we need: 22 absolutely mind-blowing online sets compiled and mixed by Egyptians throughout the year.

Staff Writer

Within the dark crevices of the world wide web, originating from Om El Dunya, a huge amount of online DJ sets exist. If you try to sift through them, you might end up with a pounding migraine, so we did the sifting for you instead. All year round, we kept both our ears and eyes peeled as we scoured the internet in search of the perfect set. We found many that we have grown to love, and since we love ya'll so much we decided to pass on the knowledge as we share with you 22 of Egypt's best online sets, curated and mixed by the countries finest. 

Hisham Zahran: The Next Level

Hisham Zahran's show on Proton Radio has been around for some years now, garnering both local and international following, always featuring the most sophisticated of house/techno. His 2016 year mix has been making massive waves online, and is definitely one of our favourite sets.


One of our favourite online sets this year, with its distinct minimal vibe. Every track is on point, one of the most eclectic sets we have heard in a while. Klady posted several other sets online this year, all of which are truly masterful.

Mark Youssef: Sleek 

Egyptian DJ and producer, and Frisky Radio resident DJ Mark Youssef's show Fleek has been making huge waves overseas. Youssef always delivers some of the freshest tunes from around the world, this episode, however, is extremely bouncy and melodic. A great listen.

Caché Podcast

Caché is the underground entertainment brand that sprung onto the scene providing us with some of the best parties we have attended this year. Their online podcast features some of our favourite local underground DJs, as well as international guests, delivering some of the most diverse mixes we have heard all year.

 Sebzz: Limitless

By its 18th episode, Sebzz's Limitless had become an integral part of the evolution of the Egyptian online set. One of our all-time favourite home grown talents, on one of the country's most notorious online set series. Nuff said. 

Hady Tarek: Sound Chemistry

One of the country's best producers and DJs, Hady Tarek has been providing the scene with fresh tunes in the form of sets, and his own productions. His online series, Sound Chemistry, is at its 48th episode. Hady always touches on several genres, never forgetting his progressive house roots.

Shiha : Clubbing Purposes

Another one of Egypt's finest DJs and producers, also with his own online set series, which happens to be one of the most popular with our team. At its 12th episode, Clubbing Purposes has been steadily delivering sets perfecting a multi-genre approach where Shiha touches on several styles in the same set.

Ouzo : Quantum Leap

Pacha Sharm resident DJ Ouzo's online podcast Quantum Leap is at its 7th episode. Each episode of this series has been a journey on it's own, one thing the prolific DJ has  introduced in each one is a spacey, almost alien sound.

Hamza: Bescast
Hamza delivers a fantastic tech house set, touching on some very melodic peak moments, balanced with a good dose of deep tunes to add contrast to the episode. The episode is part of Besworx's ongoing series Bescast, which has been putting out countless contributions throughout the year.

Akladios : Float

While scrolling through our feeds one fine day, we came across this episode of Akladios' online podcast. Her online series Float is a magnificent piece of musical mastery, supplying a distinctly ethnic vibe.

Fayek : Quarter Tone

Fayek's show on Tunnel FM has been garnering massive support from listeners around the world. The artist always ensures to add his signature ethnic twist to every set he records, think lots of oriental sounds and tribal chanting.

Man-O: A Set To Know Where 
This is not a house/techno set, this is an audibly pungent mix of different sounds, that lead to nowhere. Ever since we heard the first episode of this series, years ago, we have known that we would never be able to put it down.

Bosaina: Scenery
Bosaina's contributions to RBMA Radio's online series Scenery showcases different Egyptian underground talents, from all different musical background. From classical music to heavy metal. Bosaina covers all.

Karim Yousry: The Schlort Podcast

One of Egypt's youngest DJs to breakthrough and play live in front of a crowd alongside international DJs. Karim Yousry's contribution to the Canadian-based The Schlort Podcast is one of our favourite sets of the year, introducing house/techno with a different dynamic. Karim uses music to tell stories, with a distinct deepness to his sound. 

The Horrible DJs: Horrible Set
Don't let the name fool you, if you are at all fond of disco and funk then you will probably like this set.

 Adamu: Primitive

Adamu is a different alias for Moste aka Mostafa Emad. His new series, Primitive, represents a different side of Moste's musical personality, a much more raw sound, unrefined and scruffy.

TAG: Boiler Room Residents' Hour

TAG needs no introduction, it is a rare happening to find a set to his name online, let alone one made for Boiler Room. The set is stagnant, minimal, at parts touching on experimental, one of our top picks this year.

Nourre Fahmy: Camel
Ever since Nourre first appeared on the local scene, he has been contributing with online sets. This year, his set, Camel, won our hearts, with his impeccable taste in house and techno.

Slim Nasr: Deviate
If you're sick of all the house and techno, take a break with Slim Nasr's 22 minute contribution to the psy-chill/psy-ambient genres. When we contacted Slim to ask him why he made this set so short, he said that he was only testing this new sound, and that he is planning to turn Deviate into a psy-chill series, with longer episodes to come soon.

Gaser: This Is Not A Techno Set!
Techno head and all around talented music man Gaser El Safty drops this bomb of a set that he insists is not techno. Regardless of genre this set is one for the books.

Moenz: Dangala V2

Moenz aka Moen Atef, is not necessarily a DJ by profession, nevertheless this set is one of the best sets posted online this year. This is not house or techno, this is world music, touching on different ethnic sounds, a very recommended play when you need something a bit slower.  
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