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7 Egyptian DJs That Will Make You Dance To A Different Beat

Every once in a while we get a little tired of listening to the same music played across the city; we need something else to get us dancing. Here are seven diverse DJs, playing music that isn't particularly House and Techno, in a slew of venues across the city, including Cairo Jazz Club.

At first there was jazz, soul, and funk. Then there was disco, which went on to spawn house and techno in their earliest forms. Fact: all modern house and techno come from disco. It could be said that disco was the start of electronic music, and the rise of the DJ. And yet, here in Egypt not many people know the history of dance music and you often see DJs that mainly play house and techno far outnumbering those playing alternative types of dance music. But it is always a pleasure when we learn of Egyptian DJs playing the latter and we do have a bunch of such artists that mainly play these old school sounds. We compiled a list of our favourites, that you may find performing regularly at Cairo’s favourite clubs and parties, including the city's coolest watering hole Cairo Jazz Club. 

MAF (Masters At Funk)

This duo possesses a distinct style, definitively finding its roots in funk and disco. Amir Farrag aka Nitrane, and The White Nubian aka Shahir have been nurturing their sound for years. Since the nineties - when they fell in love with dance music - both of these extremely talented musicians have been developing their artistic personas. This accumulated experience resulted in a deep sound touching on funk, disco, jazz, soul, and all bits in between. The duo will be playing at Cairo Jazz Club on January 16th. 

Founder of Nacelle, and creator of the B-Side - the latter Egypt’s mecca for disco and funk - Tito is one of our favourite DJs spinning funk and other old school styles. His party series focusing on such genres originally started as a few close friends getting together to share their love for old school dance music, have now grown into a cult-like following, with avid fans that attend every party religiously.

Prolific old school music man Safi is one who is synonymous with alternative dance music genres. His music is ethnic at times, with a distinct funkiness, that separate him from the pack - one of the best DJs that do not play techno.

Alexandrian born DJ Sewwes is one of Egypt’s most successful disco spinners. His sets are incredibly soulful, and eclectic, supplying a unique sound to the local disco scene.

Nakhla B2B Ramsi
These two names are engraved in the minds of Egyptian club goers as one of the best alternative dance music DJ duos. Sherif Nakhla and Ramsi Lehner come together to form a dance floor friendly sound, heavily banking on funk and disco.

Marc Wahba and Omar Sabh
Both of these DJs play alone, and play harder music than their collaborative disco sets. However, when they play together, and they've played back to back several times, they drop funk and disco among several other old school styles, always with a modern twist.

The Horrible DJs
Timmy and Wally Mowafi started DJing after being exposed to the disco sets of Motor City Drum Ensemble, and the Black Madonna. They continue to be fascinated by disco and funk, claiming that it is their flagship genre, aside to their excursions into more modern house and techno genres.

Masters At Funk are playing Cairo Jazz Club this month on the 16th, check out CJC's event page here.