Friday April 12th, 2024
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8 Musical Toys We Can't Wait To Grab At The Muzix Expo

With the first ever music expo just weeks away, we take a look at the brands Muzix will be displaying and some of the best gadgets musicians will be able to get their hands on.

Staff Writer

8 Musical Toys We Can't Wait To Grab At The Muzix Expo

One of the biggest obstacles for Egyptian musicians looking to be globally heard is finding the professional gear to create music on par with the world’s greatest superstars. Looking to help you go from being an amateur to being a pro, The Muzix expo will be hosting a wide variety of the biggest musical brands in the industry. Launching October 23rd, 2015, Muzix will be taking over the Greek Campus for two days, programming important panel discussions, workshops and performances, while giving all in attendance the opportunity to go home with the latest musical tools.

Confirming that they will be bringing their finest gear to Muzix is the veritable who’s who in the musical industry including; Sennheiser, ADAM, Allen and Heath, Roland, Korg, Native Instruments, Machine Drum, Nord Lead, Road, TC Electronic, AKG Acoustics, JBL, Harman Kardon, SSL, Allen & Heath, Drawmer Electronics, Arturia, Infinity, and Novation. With over 20 of the biggest brands featuring their products, Muzix is shaping up one of the largest and most diverse music expo in the region.

In an effort to excite musicians who can’t get enough gear, we have decided to list 8 of the most popular products to be featured at Muzix.

Native Instruments - Maschine Studio

Quickly becoming known as the ultimate beat making system is Native Instruments' Maschine Studio. Simply put, this product delivers unprecedented physical control, the smoothest workflow, and is garnering the reputation of being among the most responsive pieces of hardware in the industry. Equipped with its own software the Maschine Studio is an all in one tool that samples, arranges, mixes, while being a dynamic instrument with a host of sounds that will ensure that your beats are fresh and deserve to be heard.

Sennheiser - SKM 2000

Mic problems can make any pro look like an amateur.  If you are singer, there is nothing worse than hitting your notes but finding that it is drown out by an inferior microphone picking up static/reverb. Consider one of the finest microphones on the market, the Sennheiser SKM 2000 is wireless and compatible will all new capsules. Equipped with auto-lock to prevent accidental button pushing, this mic delivers a host of features that will ensure you sound your best, even if you only plan to use it for karaoke.

Allen & Heath - Xone:92

In a short period of time Allen & Heath have become industry leaders with their mixers appearing in DJ booths all over the world. This versatile six channel analogue mixer was a game changer for DJs as it was one of the first to incorporate MIDI for control of DJ software, and the first to include an innovative dual VCF filters. Xone stands out from other mixers as it fully recognised as part of the digital DJing revolution, but hasn't lost sight of DJs wanting to use traditional mixing techniques. This versatility is likely the reason it is endorsed by notable DJs like John Digweed and Pete Tong. Whether you are old school or new school this mixer is ready to help you take your mixes to the next level.


In terms of monitors, the Adam S6X is one of the finest on the market. Whether you are looking for a monitor to fill a large control room or a film studio, the S6X delivers a sound that rivals competitors in market. What makes it stand out is its symmetrical concept which increases the realistic reproduction of Adam monitors to higher sound pressure levels, which helps avoid overloading of the bass range which typically plagues monitors. There is a whole host of features that allow you to tweak the sound to your personal taste and is a valuable tool in any studio.

Roland (RD 800)

This 88 weighted keys stage piano delivers both versatility and performance in one very impressive instrument. Building on the success of previous models, the RD 800, has an improved sound, weighs less, displays a colourful streamlined interface, and has real-time controls giving you the ability to take command of your sound. Whether you want the best digital sounding grand piano or create synthesized tones the RD 800 is equipped to do both. Although having a lot of parameters to adjust in the “Tone Designer” mode the RD 800 seems better suited as a top of the line easy to use stage piano, opposed to a full-on synthesizer.

Korg (Microkorg)

Speaking of full on synthesizer, the MicroKorg will also be available at Muzix and is used to create music across a wide range of tones perfect for a variety of genres. The MicroKorg is a small package that packs a powerful punch, dominating the market for a decade. This may not be a new product; however it is essential for anyone looking to customise their synthesized sounds. This synthesizer is also a vocoder providing a mic that will let you to sound like a third member of Daft Punk. Whether you are a beginner or pro, the MicroKorg is destined to be your best friend, which is why it is used by the likes of M83 and Chromeo.

Novation (Launchpad)


If you create your music using Ableton Live, then there is no better companion than Novation’s Launchpad. This colourfully 8x8 grid is synonymous with the evolution of electronic music as it seamlessly integrates Ableton Live into the Launchpad. This handy device gives DJs the ability organise by assigning different colours to launch clips and play drum tracks, while giving you control over your mixer. If you love your Electro then you will definitely want to pick up this tool to craft your set while making your performance more enjoyable to watch.

Allen & Heath (GL 2400)

Equipped with dual function, LR, Mono sum, 2 dual stereo channels, 6 aux, 7x4 matrix console, the GL2400 is the classic mixer considered the industry standard in venues all across the world. Designed with modern engineering techniques in mind, this compact yet powerful mixer is carefully thought out and is often touted by sound engineers to provide the very best mixing experience. If you are looking to take live performances to another level, chances are you will need to pick up this mixer that can turn any crappy venue into the best sounding stage.

These are but a few of the most popular products that will be available at Muzix. With over 20 brands exhibiting one can expect to find over a hundred products that will help everyone from beginners to pro craft a sound that ears around the world will be unable to ignore.

To stay up to date with the latest details from this growing expo visit Muzix at their official website or Facebook, or check out their new YouTube Channel hosting videos of artists who will be attending the event as well as demonstration of them using their favourite musical gear.