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A Chat With Elijah

We have a quick chat with UK based DJ Elijah ahead of his performance at the Nacelle pool party tomorrow...

For the second week in a row, the Nacelle House Sessions will be taking to the pool of the Fairmont Nile City. This week, UK based DJ Elijah will be taking to the decks (following his stellar performances at last season's Temple editions of Nacelle) alongside Tito, Hassan Abou Allam and Aly B. On the eve of the event, we got in touch with him to talk about his music (amongst other stuff).... 

Did you enjoy your last gig here at Nacelle? Do you have any particular memories from that gig?

My last gig here was an amazing experience! The crowd really stood out for me because they were lovers of music! It felt like they use clubbing and dancing in the same way that I use it, as a way to feed the soul and relieve some of the stresses caused by everyday life, all while pulling off the sickest of dance moves and having fun.

What were the differences between performing here and your usual gigs in the UK?

In the UK we can sometimes lock ourselves into sub genres which means that often a crowd won't want to hear anything that deviates from the plan. In contrast I found that the Cairo crowd seemed to be more focused on the feeling of the music and they were very up for joining me on the journey that we were taking as long as they liked it.

What can we expect from you this Friday?

I'm going through my tracks now and there are so many tracks I want to drop but to be honest I never know exactly what I'm gonna play till I get there but you can expect something that you can cut some serious shapes to! 

So being a successful DJ, what we want to know is, what was your first sexual experience like?

Hahaha my 1st sexual experience was was at 14 so I didn't know what the hell I was doing. She was a little older so she took charge of the situation. In truth it was more of an awkward fumble than a sexual experience.