Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Adham: Gorilla

It's not often we hear a fresh, new sound coming from the shores of Alexandria, but Adham's hard-hitting Hip Hop offering certainly has our heads bopping.

Staff Writer

Gorilla is thrilling single from Alexandrian artist Adham is quite refreshing as we don't get much Hip Hop worth noting on our feeds these days. Adham's dynamic flow seems rooted in gangster rap reminiscent of the Wu tang clan, carrying a beat that fails to change with an aggressive tone and lyrics that match the immediacy of the raw brass-laced beats.

Adham calls himself an African Egyptian, underground emcee, who has been ripping the mic and the scene since 2006. He's the main man behind the underground group Welad El 7ay as well as founder of the underground group Gorilla Clan.

Ahead of his EP, also titled Gorilla, Adham gifts us all with a little sneak peak into his sample based lyrically clever track which is most definitely going to get you all excited about the EP and new music out of Alexandria.

Despite the hook being repeated over and over, it had us bobbing our heads so hard at the office and not once did we contemplate or think about turning the track off. When Adham went into verses it was even more pleasant as we got to hear his sharp wit and smooth flow, but it wasn't long till the hook we're hooked on was back again saying how they will rip Alexandria apart, and force us to listen and make us bob out heads till our necks break. Check, check and check. Mission accomplished.