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Aguizi & Fahim: Deep 62 Hertz

Student DJ Program winners Aguizi & Fahim have put together an exclusive set, hosted by SceneNoise, to put you in the mood for the weekend.

As the light descended on an unforgettabe night, where the sea waved and Student DJs raved and the moon light danced in perfect cadence with the party's spotlight, two boys stood out from the crowd, knowing they just became men and looked on at the brighter futre in front of them.

Aguizi and Fahim are back in the studio after being crowned the best up-and-coming DJs in Egypt and have hit us up with an exclusive podcast, hosted by SceneNoise, for your hearing pleasure.

Deep 62 Hertz features the best Deep House and Nu-House tracks, all mixed together with the sweat, tears and whatever comes out of DJs' veins. Both are already accomplished producers as well, so keep an eye out for tracks one, two and eight which are original mixes.

We asked them where best to listen to this set, to which they replied: "Around midnight,with your girlfriend on the Nile whilst eating hommos and termis." Sounds like a plan! Grab yo' hommos and yo hoes and get down with this mammoth mix: