Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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Aguizi & Fahim: Guns & Planes EP

The second release by the dance-inducing duo has just been dropped by Electrum Records. We take a listen to their unique approach to Deep and Tech House, imprinted with their signature flair...

Staff Writer

Released on Electrum Records, the second EP of two of Egypt's youngest and brightest House talents follows last years Square One and shows a real progression in sound, quality and style by the hard-working Aguizi & Fahim. Dubded Guns & Planes the three-track offering comes just in time for summer, as the duo no doubt gear up for a slew of gigs come Eid.

The record takes off with Airborne on a runway of hi hats and claps before taking off with a 4 x 4 kick and a constant fluttering of aerodynamic bells and samples. A steady dance bass line propels the track, interjected with vocal outtakes of robotic flight attendant instructions marking the rolling drops. It's a big, playful beat sprinkled with mini melodies and skewered abstract sounds but at times it feels too safe; a Boeing 747 as appose to a bi-plane spinning and looping through the air.

The track takes a turn mid-way, punctuated by a jovial, stripped-down twanged melody, easing into more commonplace airplane announcements, before a climax which flirts with the frantic eyes-closed after hours drops before slowly returning back to groovier sensibilities.
Secondly, we have Mauser where delicate pops and tings fluctuate like the mechanical parts of it's namesake German rifle, chugging along before release along a bed of galactic pads. The track develops with striking synths marauding in and out at random, arpeggiating at different speeds giving oodles of character to the formulaic House beat. 
The EP really comes to life by the third and final track Turbelence. Kicking off with a dark yet almost tropical beat, it's a much fuller sounding track that's accompanied by a sly head-nod-inducing stab bass and atmospheric pads. Two drops define the track; first a theatrical melody typical of the duo that effortlessly slides into a drop, making Turbelence the most danacable of the three tracks with highlight of the EP coming in at 3:55 as a thick synth builds into an exasperated siren and is slowly released into a bass-heavy fist-pumping beat accented with metallic drums.
Aguizi and Fahim never quite stick to pure Deep or Tech House tunes, instead crafting dramatic arcs with a penchant for a bit of flair, injecting their unique creative sensibilities and class production techniques in every track, which we wholly appreciate.
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