Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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Aguizi & Fahim: Spirits of Time feat. Malak (vocal mix)

We love it when a track breaks through the clutter with spontaneous unforced originality. 'Spirits of Time' is definitely such a track!

Staff Writer

Sensational new single 'Spirits of Time' by Aguizi & Fahim featuring Malak El Husseiny, was released September 21st. It kicks off with soft, captivating melodies of Malak’s ethereal exhale into the subtle multi-layered rhythmic beats that follow. Modern standard Arabic language fuels the romantic lyrics inventively and curiously like we’ve never heard before. It was enthralling. A refreshing blend of chill out, ambient and house music; Aguizi & Fahim’s musical immersion with cleverly delicate melodies are in accord with Malak’s harmonious vocals. The single is simply beautiful, and innovative with a strikingly humble approach to musical production and not your average melodic tune, and most certainly not the exigent and demanding resonance we often witness pushing through a track for attention. This heavenly 5.48 minute single on Baci Records speaks for itself and is certainly worth a check out. Suitable for early risers enjoying a sunny morning, chill out beach parties, late night navel gazing and cosy get-togethers. This is certainly the type of tune you ought to blast up in your headphones to shun away all surrounding cacophony, you know, when the world’s turbulence, buzzing and babbling just gets too much. This is one sublime tune to turn to for your own, usually much needed, peace of mind and well-being. We’re looking forward to a live gig with this trio. In the meantime, listen to this and take 'em to the charts folks!