Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Ahmed Farahat: Sound Doctor

Teaching us the difference between sound and noise is acoustical and digital media engineer Ahmed Farahat. As CEO of AF Acoustical Consultancy, his mission is to enlighten us mere mortals of the phenomenal effect of fine tuning indoor spaces from interior design to fixing sound.

Staff Writer

Part of Egypt’s identity is the notorious crescendo of noise that we are constantly surrounded by in our daily life, whether it’s the street sellers where you can’t tell what exactly they’re saying, the dogs barking, Abbas calling Ahmed from across the street and of course passing cars where to most drivers using the horn comes hand-in-hand with breathing. Your brain struggles to buffer out the noise yet it continues gnawing at the back of your head. Ahmed Farahat gets that but rather than complain, his fascination and curiosity with sound got him to delve deeper and think of a solution. Calm and composed he talks about what he loves the most; “I can’t do anything I’m not passionate about. Having been a musician I got the chance to analyse sound frequencies and how they affect us without us necessarily knowing it therefore to fix the surrounding sound has countless benefits.”

He talks in frequencies, explaining how the company tackles the problem in its entirety; “this shouldn’t just be for music producers and clubs which we of course do, but also schools where it will help productivity, hospitals where fixing sound will actually help patients and simply for leisure with proper home theatres...Thing is, we are constantly surrounded by sound and it can play a major role in your wellbeing.” We agree, especially in work environments where you need to concentrate and not have constant beeping interrupting meetings and one’s thought process.

It doesn’t stop at acoustic treatment but also interior design; the whole works. “We offer solutions. Other than sound treatment we have top notch designers, we’re talking Four Seasons-standards. For example some people will want a theme for their residence and don’t want to see the panels used to fix the sound showing, so we make that happen.”

An indoor space where you may shut off a world of haphazard noise that pollutes any environment whether you realise it or not... Imagine home being a haven where you have movie nights in your home cinema, club owners safely saying they have the best sound in town, hospitals and schools being more efficient and not contaminated by the intrusive noise pollution spilling over from the street and studios that allow you to create pure melodies. In his appreciation for all that is sound, Farahat takes it upon himself to pioneer this rewarding venture.

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