Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Album Review: Kakaro, Shiha's Latest Release on Besworx

Shiha's new release on Besworx is a fantastic piece of dance music, touching on tech house and techno.

Staff Writer

Making a deliberate effort for 12 years through the continuous release of sets and productions, Shiha is at the pinnacle of his career. Through the consistent evolution of his sound, Shiha was able to jump genres, change styles, and take on different vocations within the music industry. Currently - alongside his work as a DJ and producer - he is teaching music production as well as visual mapping at Epic 101, where he continues to inspire aspiring producers and visual artists day after day. On the first track, Kakaro, Shiha starts off with an acidic synth, a rumbling bass line, and a repetitive bleep, continuing until the break. The break itself is otherworldly, the bleep sound is sustained, paired with a soundscape involving a simple melody played on a xylophone or marimba-sounding instrument. It's ethereal to an extent, rapidly returning to a solid foundation as soon as the drop kicks in. If the previous track was not your cup of tea then check out Shiha's darker side on this EP. Slap you in your face techno, with no frills; an intense bass line and warm dark chords come together to deliver a dance floor banger. The break utilises repetitive pads, sequenced with different variations, layered on a mischievous alien synth. The composition of the synth lead itself is a definitive example of prime musical sorcery, successfully captivating the listener. 

A superb release on Besworx, we hope to hear Kakaro played out a lot in the near future. Since the EP was produced with the dance floor in mind, that would be the perfect setting to listen to it again. As always, Shiha has gone and out done himself, again.

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